Favorite Image for 2016

Sometimes it is hard to pick a favourite image.

Especially in a year when there has not been a lot of storm action! But for me, the chase on January 23 would have to be the most memorable. And it is from this chase that my favourite photo for 2016 comes.


As the light faded in the western sky, a group of chasers had gathered along a fence line to watch the lightning active storm that was sliding away to the SE. The angle of the sun, the right amount of rain and the stunning colors combined to create an almost perfect condition for this image. Add to this the smell of wet grass and the rumble of distant thunder, I could have stayed in this moment for ever. I guess that is one of the reasons I love to chase the weather. It is a soul cleansing, awe-inspiring and humbling experience. And its moments like thee that give me the space and perspective that I so often need. Enjoy.